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LUKE NAILエントランス風景


LUKE NAIL provides a healing space and time

a special place just for you

May you always shine, then

We are the best practice and

provide a special treatment.



The nailing procedure will take

at least 1 hour.

Sometimes even 2-3 hours!

So we would like you feel to stay more a

t LUKE NAIL, I want to come again!

We are trying to create a salon

where you can think of.

We also have a space of a calm semi private room.

Of course, a treatment in open space is also possible.

The staff will do the best to help you

relieve from the daily stress.

Talking, watching movies, listening to music,

feel in a pleasant aroma, give you energy for tomorrow!

​3-9-3 Ishii Bld 2F, Ebisuminami Shibuya-ku Tokyo


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